Smart Class Room

We are embedded with smart class room which is totally digitized and provides easy and firm understanding of concepts and technology.We have recently introduced smart classrooms. There is an interactive white board on which diagrams, pictures and lessons are presented through a projector. They also have a resource centre where all lessons and planning for the classes are customised to the need of children. It is much easier to complete the syllabus and students learn faster too.


Information and communication development opportunities and information flow are the big challenges arising from a dedicated review of most education questions whether from theoretical frames or material. School libraries are then considered one of the most important resources within educational facilities. We have an extensive library of 4600 sq. ft. which houses myriad of books on all subjects for all age group of students.

Computer Lab

There is well equipped computer lab in the school. We have competent teachers to train the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing studentsto enjoy interactive learning process as well as demonstration of educational CDs through PCs projector in the Laboratory. Special Care is taken to tune with the changing times. Thelab has a dedicated server loaded with programs like C++, Java, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Macromedia Flash MX, MYSOL & Oracle. The school has a well-qualified Trained Computer Faculty who makes learning about computers an enjoyable experience.


The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. These laboratories give the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theoretical lessons learnt in the classroom.The Lab is a spacious hall that can accommodate 30-35 students at a time. Lab activities and experiments engage student’s mind which help them to acquire necessary skill and confidence. The lab is equipped with the latest equipments.


Actors at GDGS in the upcoming session will give audience members a laugh and appreciation for family during their performance in an aesthetically designed auditorium (7200 sq. ft.) which provides a perfect ambience for holding conferences, public lectures and cultural events.

Transport Services

We have proper Transport Services to board and deboard your child so that he/she never misses the school again.School Transport Management Systems is mainly used for Parents to ensure the safety and security of children by getting the real time information of their child’s school vehicle.


Imported Playset for KG Section.Our program is designed to what the children’s appetite for a lifetime of learning and to spark off the thrill in contributing new ideas. For true education, after all is not the filling of a pail but the igniting of a fire and we believe that this fire is best kindled in the child’s early formative years. During this crucial period, children develop essential language and cognitive skills required to learn, develop their ability to manage emotions and stress and learn to work and play with one another.


Music Is very importantImported