GD Global School encompasses a holistic curriculum and best teaching practices to help children prepare for a bright future. To fulfill our vision for GD Global School, we are seeking qualified applicants for various positions.

Candidates having proficiency in the requisite subject(s) and a good command over English can apply using the prescribed available on this page. Alternatively, from our school office between 9 am and 11 am on working days.

Applying to GD Global School

If you believe you have a passion for teaching and if you genuinely love and enjoy being a part of a child's learning, then be a part of us.

    You can then
    • send your detailed CV to
    • You can personally submit your CV or courier the same to the address mentioned below:

      GD Global School
      School Campus, Kartalpur Bypass
      Azamgarh – 276001
      Mob : +91 9455211111