Manager's Desk

GD Global School is one of the leading educational institution in Azamgarh with a vision of excel in all spheres. Setup in 2014 we have journey through these year have gained the trust and appreciation of thousands of students and their parents alike. We are pleased with this accomplishment and are committed to improve and be counted amongst the best schools in the city. The school emphasizes on quality education for all students and also the opportunities for students to grow as individuals by having as part of curriculum extracurricular activities and clubs, sports and various Inter-School as well as Inter-Class competition. We strive to offer a safe learning and warning that promote intellectual growth, health, creativity and respect for self and others.

It is our constant desire to provide an excellent educational experience to our students and to this end we would greatly appreciate and value input from parents. I encourage all parents to stay involved in your child’s education by attending the parent teacher meetings and thus make this a collaborative effort. By working together and remaining involved, parents send a clear message affirming the importance of their child’s education.

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

Madhu Pathak