Principal's Desk

Schools are amazing places rested with hope and life. The hopes and dreams of boys, girls, families, staff members, and the civic community coalesce in the unique story and culture of a school.

Since being appointed Principal of GD Global School, the message keep receiving is of a strong, unique and vibrant school with a clean sense of its own identity.

Every effort for the students will be made in making the learning process more child friendly through the implementation of various intelligence factors and designing systems and methods accordingly.

The aim of the school will be to encourage all members of the school community to work to best of their ability and realize their potential and strive for equity and excellence.

Our systems in GDGS must address holistic development. Education cannot be reduced to just imparting information, but must include teaching young people how to pray, make moral decisions and discover themselves. We must strive towards the best possible service in the fields of education available today.

Vidhan Tiwari